Professional Car Photography

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Our Services

The creation of fine art images of a much loved classic car or a collection of images for a book or dealership website requires a deft touch and control of all the elements; light, shade, reflection, composition.
Stephen is a highly skilled photographer who brings both expertise and creativity to each new project.
Motivated by a love of cars he can capture the very essence that makes certain cars so exceptional and iconic and ultimately… desirable.

Our Photographer

Our Images

  • Photography for dealers
  • Photography for collectors
  • Advertising and Commercial
  • Insurance record
  • Magazine articles and covers
  • Website images
  • Fine art
  • Books and brochures
  • Corporate days

Take a look at our gallery of cars that we have photographed. We have photographed some of the most desirable and sought after cars in world. Some of the rarest Ferraris and cars which are becoming exceptionally desirable like the early Porsche 911s. We have also had the privilege of photographing cars which are destined to become classics like the new breed of hybrid cars like the La Ferrari and Porsche 918.